Bicycle Safety for Kids


Children riding their bicycles can have numerous benefits. It can provide them with a sense of independence, excitement, fun, and is a terrific way to encourage children to exercise and maintain their health. However, children riding their bicycles can also be extremely dangerous and life threatening if children are not riding their bicycles using proper protective gear and riding skills.

It is crucial that educators and parents teach children proper riding techniques and to wear proper protective gear to help ensure their safety and reduce their risk of injury or death. It is important that youth bicycle riders are aware of themselves, the road, and other potentially dangerous situations while riding.

Bicycle Rodeo Events

Bicycle Rodeos are fun events that provide children the opportunity to receive bicycle safety education and to learn the proper rules of riding on the road by themselves.

Bicycle rodeos allow youth riders the opportunity to maneuver their bicycles through a man-made course to help them feel more comfortable and safe during riding.  Children learn to stop quickly, ride in a straight line, ride single file, steer around obstacles, and look back over their shoulder without swerving or crashing. These events allow children the practice they need to be safe riders on the road and allow them to feel more at east while on their bicycles.

Helmets and Brain Injury Awareness

The majority of youth bicycle riders do not understand the importance of wearing a helmet every time they get on their bicycle and are not fully educated on how to fit or wear their helmet properly. Safe Kids Maricopa County is dedicated to raising awareness to this issue and provides helmet safety education to children throughout numerous elementary schools, community events, and bike rodeo events in Maricopa County.

Helmet education can provide youth with a better understanding of how a helmet can help protect the brain and spinal cord, and why it is important to wear one every time they are on their bicycle. Proper helmet education and enforcement can help save the lives of many youth riders and reduce the risk of injuries.