Pedestrian Safety

When a car hits a child the result can be deadly. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, pedestrian injuries have become the second leading cause of unintentional deaths among children ages 5-14.  This is an alarming statistic that should raise more awareness to educate youth on proper pedestrian techniques.

Safe Kids Maricopa County actively participates in annual International Walk to School Day events throughout numerous elementary and middle schools in the county during the month of October. We also assist with other community events that educate parents and youth about walking safely especially to-and-from school.  There are active members of our board who also implement the Safe Routes to School program that encourages and promotes bicycle and pedestrian safety in elementary schools throughout Maricopa County.

Annual International Walk to School Day events

Encouraging children and parents to walk to-and-from school can combat a host of health problems facing the youth today.  Walking assists in improving air quality surrounding schools and improving the overall health of the environment.  This walking event helps create awareness and a stronger sense of community by providing safer routes for children walking and bicycling to-and-from school.

This event helps empower children and gives them the confidence for making correct decisions on their journey walking to-and-from school. Allowing children to walk to school assists in developing their imagination and exploration skills, as well as provides them improved learning abilities during school and physical health benefits.

Walking School Bus Programs

A child walking by themselves is not safe. A Walking School Bus program is designed for adult volunteers to take turns leading a small group of children safely to-or-from school. The supervision of an adult can provide a safer environment and allows children to enjoy the benefits of walking regularly.

A Walking School Bus Program can also provide a stronger sense of community by allowing students the opportunity to develop new friendships and other adult neighbors to get to know one another better.  Safe Kids Maricopa County is dedicated to providing education, enforcement, and outreach to help reduce the number of pedestrian injuries and fatalities, while also improving the safety of child pedestrians.